Tourist Spots in Khulna Division – The Sundarban (Part-3)

March 30, 2018

Tourist Spots in Khulna Division – The Sundarban (Part-3)

In Bangladesh The Sundarban is the most top rated among all tourist spots in Khulna Division. It is a vast area. There are some important tourist attractions which are very popular to the visiting people. To know about the other tourist spots in Khulna Division please click here.

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Dublar Char

Dublar char point 1

Dublar char point

Another important place for Chandpai ranges is Dublar Char. An isolated island of dublin between the Kunga and the dead animal river. Here the red book is available in fishchanga, Madantaka bird. An aspect of beauty here is the deer grass meal scene.Dublar’s park is mainly in the jail village. Drying with the fish, the drying work. Many prison for four months after the rainy season the fish hunting far Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Khulna, Satkhira Lair tie the temporary settlement.Meheraalira canal, alorakola, majheracara, aphisakella, narikelabariya, manikakhali, etc. syalaracara chapharakhali and rural areas are placed in jail. These four months they are busy preparing fish for drying. The stocks derived from here are stocked and sold in the wholesale market of Asadganj in Chittagong. In the eastern part of the Sundarbans, the fishermen and fishermen enter the field of Dubal in the eastern district of Bagerhat. The government has received regular revenue from the field of Duble.
Every year in the Kartik month (Christian November) the island is famous for Hindu Rashmela and Purnasanan. Although it is said, 00-year-old has been at the Mela, however, according to a 1923 AD hermit Harichand Thakur fans, the name of the haribhajana (18291923), the fair was launched. Many devotees of Ras Purnima have come here to celebrate the anniversary of the sea. After sunrise in the dublar park, the devotees flushed the fruit in the sea water. Some of them play musical instruments, singing songs and singing around. Dublar Char rasamelaya from local citizens and even foreign tourists far and wide to take part in voluntarily. The three-day fair is also attended by many foreign tourists.
How to go:
Diversion: Khulna Launchghat can be used on the launch of Sundarban’s Dublar Char.There is a launch in the night and in the morning.


Koromjal point

Koromjal Resort

The only saltwater crocodile and extinct species of tortoises (Batagunda Balka) are the only government-managed breeding centers. It is located in the Sundarbans adjacent to Banishanta Union. Here the tourists can gain respect and knowledge about the Sundarbans at any time without direct prior permission. There is a chance to see the Chitalal deer, Monkeys and Crocodiles in the natural environment. There is a half kilometer wooden trill for observing the interior of the Sundarbans. There is a RCC Tower 45 feet high to see the image above. To know about aquatic animals, dolphins display, chitel deer skin, tiger skeleton, crocodile eggs, regional, conventional and scientific name names, Sundarbans map, 3 big crocodiles, respectively Romeo (male), Juliet and Pilipil (women) for different species of plants . Under the supervision of the responsible scientific officer, there are 217 different age and size crocodiles. When the length of 2 meters is reached, the crocodile’s child is released into the river. There are 2 lovely modern ghat for tourists to get up.

Karamjal distance from Dakop upazila headquarters is about 30 km, 55 kilometers from the district town. Here you can easily travel on the waterways and the road. There are also nearby resorts to the night. This Lilabhumi is very easy to travel at low cost. The government is trying to promote this spot as one of the best tourist spots in Khulna division.

How to go:

Karamjal distance from Dakop upazila headquarters is about 30 km, 55 kilometers from the district town. Here you can easily travel on the waterways and on the road.

Hiron point

Hiron point tourist point

Beautiful Kotka

Hiron Point, a protected sanctuary in the southern part of the Sundarbans. Another name is Nilkamal. Promena’s location on the west bank of Kunga river, Khulna range. Hiron Point is one of the world heritage traditions declared by UNESCO. Because Hiron Point is a sanctuary, this place is home to many tigers, deer, monkeys, birds and reptiles. This Hiron Point is one of the places to visit the Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sunderbans area. Here are the Chitra deer, wild pigs; Among the birds are white chest, fish, yellow chest, fishranga, Kalomatha fishraanga, large eagle, kanda poking, Dhani bak etc. There is also a lot of crab houses. And there are colorful butterflies. A watch tower, located 3 kilometers away from Hiron Point, is in the classroom.

How to go:

By the river: On the launch of Khulna Launchghat, the Hironpoints of the Sundarbans can be reached. There is a launch in the night and in the morning


Beautiful Kotka

Hiron point spots

Kutka located in the south east corner of the Sundarbans One of the attractive attractions of beautiful forest is the Katka. About 90 km away from Mongla port. There is a rest house of forest department here. The vast ocean of ocean water is seen in front of the sea. There are numerous small canals surrounding it, many small canals Tours with boats in the canals are very fun. A wonderful opportunity to experience nature and a mysterious mysterious experience. The canal is seen on the side of the chestnut deer grazing in the group. Besides, monkeys, horticulture and wild animals are seen in the forest. Occasionally the tiger roar is heard. During the dark night, millions of Junkyi’s light festivals are fascinated and fascinated. All in all, the place to enjoy a beauty of a sparkle.

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